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GoboThe Fraggles’ fearless leader.

I’m writing this in the past, and hopefully, by the time this is published (August 11th), this piece would have sold at the Stony Brook Family Art Day (August 9th). If not, I already have someone waiting on buying a full set of Fraggles. To date, here in the past, that is – July 30th – I have three completed, but only two available, because someone already bought…

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Circa 1992. I LOVED Marvel Universe trading cards so much I got loose leaf paper, glue and markers, and made my own character cards. I found this last week, probably the only one to survive to this day. Hardtop had a metal head used to smash things. He also had a pink onesie, which is why he was smashing his metal head into walls in the first place.

REVIEW: GUardians of the Galaxy

REVIEW: GUardians of the Galaxy

Every since last weekend, Movie Squirrel has encouraged that I go to the theatre to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Saturday rolls around, and the baby spills Friday night’s red wine on the white carpet. I forgot to pay the rent and realized I lost my checkbook. I call the bank and there’s the whole process of locking my accounts, sprinkled with mind-numbingly retarded questions like, “Do you think…

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